End of Semester & Kita No Donburi

Tomorrow (Monday) marks my last day of the semester and I have an essay due, which I am currently madly trying to finish. Tomorrow also marks my last day of college, which feels bittersweet, but I am happy to be transferring to university. I haven’t done much this week except for studying because finals are coming up and I’m feeling so stressed.

Yesterday, I went to the library, Central branch, to borrow Black Swan DVD because I am analyzing it in my essay. After a frustrating ordeal and no Black Swan DVD, I decided to go for lunch at Kita No Donburi located on Seymour street.

I wanted to try their seafood okonomiyaki but I also wanted curry, so I went for the latter along with a tuna tataki gommae.

Tuna Tataki Gommae

Chicken Katsu Curry

The chicken katsu curry wasn’t as good as I anticipated it to be, but I enjoyed the tuna tataki gommae very much.

Anyways, I’m back to working on my essay. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and thanks for reading!


GyuDon Ya

Es S and I originally intended on going to Ebi Ten, but decided to try GyuDonYa instead since we haven’t tried their food before.

The interior is very small and seating is tight, especially when it get’s busy. I saw many people getting takeout, so that might be a better option if you are cluster-phobic.

They have an assortment of rice bowls ranging from beef to vegetable and ramen that are all reasonably price under $10. They also have side dishes to accompany your meal, but we didn’t try any of those.

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