Weeking Outings: The Farmer’s Market

One of my favourite weekend activities is to visit the farmers market with my cousin. Two weeks ago, I visited the Kitsilano farmer’s market, which is temporarily being held at the location where Nat Bailey’s farmer market is held. Since I was dog sitting that week, I decided to bring along Yuki. Continue reading to the end to see what I bought!

{My cousin and Yuki} {Yuki and I. My outfit that day included converse, a midi skirt, white tank, jean jacket and Kate Spade bag}

{French pastries from French Made Baking}

{Beautiful peonies}

{Yuki made some new doggy friends!}

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Macaron Day 2013

Happy Macaron Day! Unfortunately, I did not eat any macarons today because I have a lot of school work to do. Instead, I’ll showcase some pictures I have taken of macarons since last years post! You can check out my post about macaron day from last year here

{Macarons from Ganache patisserie}

{Macarons from Indulgence bakery}

{Fabourg macaron}

{French Made Baking macarons}

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French Made Baking’s Canelé

Other than their macaron’s, my favourite item from French Made Baking is their canelé. According to their website, a canelé is   flavored with rum and vanilla, the batter is baked in a small striated cylinder mould that gives the canelé its specific shape and makes for a tender custard-like heart underneath a thick caramelized crust. I just love the tender interior and crispy, carmalized exterior. It has been some time since I’ve sunken my teeth into this delicious dessert, I’m salivating right now while I write this post. I know canelé’s are also available at Thierry, but I prefer French Made Baking’s canelé more.

Sick :(

Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting anything lately, I’ve been busy studying and now I’m sick 😦

I went to Fujiya to get some lunch today:

Decided to try the Japanese curry which consists of sweet Japanese curry, potatoes, carrots and chunks of beef. Not bad for $4.95!

These cream caramel puddings are my favourite! I saw that they had a new flavour, Royal Milk Tea flavour so I got that along with a Matcha flavour.

Saturday after a studying, I was craving macarons…

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