Shishinori & Dining for One

I know many people don’t enjoy dining alone because it might seem awkward or maybe there’s some stigma attached to it. For myself, it really depends on the place, but I’ve gotten to a point where I’ve become comfortable dining alone. The only downside is that when I’m alone and taking pictures, I often get people staring at me and probably also judging me haha.

Last week I was running some errands and needed some food, so I decided to go to Shishinori for some healthy eats. I love Shishinori because they include brown rice and a delicious salad with their most of their dishes. Great for people who are trying to eat healthier!

I get what I usually order, the Hawaii ahi poke bowl in spicy sauce. I decided to make it a meal by adding an iced green tea and dessert, which was matcha pudding that day. This also comes in shoyo or wasabi, but I’ve never tried those options before. This dish is good, not very spicy though, but for $12 I found the portion to be a bit small. The total for this meal was around $15 ($12 + $3 to make it a meal).

I sat outside and enjoyed the bustling streets of Cambie as people watched me take pictures of my food.

What are your thoughts/opinions on dining alone? Do you do it?


Shi Zen Ya

M and I tried Shi Zen Ya’s original location on Howe Street and enjoyed it so much we wanted to try their new location on West Broadway. I love how healthy and fresh everything is without having to pay extra. Many places charge extra for brown rice sushi and the prices at Shi Zen Ya are quite reasonable. So after class on Friday, we made our way to Shi Zen Ya for lunch since we both get off the same time.

What I like about their West Broadway location is it is much more spacious than their Howe Street location and the interior is very  nice.

M and I decided to share an appetizer and a roll.

We decided to share an order of Chicken Gyozaorganic vegetables stuffed in chicken breast dumplings. These gyoza’s were fried to a golden brown and plump filled with chicken, water chestnuts, carrots and green onions. M and I liked how we could taste all the ingredients and thoroughly enjoyed this.

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