Food Diary: September

Some foods I’ve eaten in the month of September:

  1. Lemongrass chicken and spring roll on vermecelli from the international food court at UBC
  2. Bibimbap from In the Cup at UBC
  3. Chicken and vegetable also from In the Cup + free Vitamin Water
  4. Classic breakfast @ Thyme to Indulge
  5. Matcha slush and thick toast with condensed milk from Totoro Cafe
  6. Bulgogi, green tea rice cake and multigrain shaved ice from Midam Cafe
  7. Chorizo and egg burrito from Sal y Limon

Hello readers! Now that school has commenced, I’ve been eating out way too much. Even though I do pack lunches, sometimes it’s just easier to grab something at school. It doesn’t help that now that I’m at a new school, I have a desire to try the food places on campus. So far, the food I’ve tried on campus have exceeded my expectations, with a good selection of foods to choose from. I’ve been enjoying the free samples given on campus because who doesn’t like free stuff?

I know I’ve been blogging about food lately, but I’ll try to blog about other things! Thanks for reading 🙂


Five Elements Cafe: Delicious Vietnamese and Thai Food

Even though I don’t live very far from Commercial Drive, I don’t frequent the area much despite the amount of restaurants located there. After visiting the Farmer’s market on a rainy Saturday, Es S and I passed by Five Elements Cafe. It had a “grand opening 10% off” banner and had the words Vietnamese submarines, gelato, frozen yogurt and coffee written on the window. Interesting mix of cuisines, but I was intrigued so we went inside to check it out.

Click for larger image 🙂

Five Elements Cafe carries an array of foods; they have vietnamese dishes such as pho and subs, Thai dishes, caffeinated beverages, tea, gelato and frozen yogurt. You can click on the picture for a bigger version of the menu. Price wise, most of the dishes are under $10 other than the sizzling plates. They have a display of their selection of teas for you to smell, which I thought was a nice touch.

You pay and order at the counter,tell the cashier where you are going to sit and the food is brought to you. Water is self serve and they have a cutlery and condiment station in the back. The interior was clean and bright and I liked the exposed brick walls.

Here’s what we ate:

Es S started with a papaya coleslawshrimp or tofu, vinaigrette and herbs. Along with shredded papaya, the coleslaw included shredded carrots, basil, chopped peanuts and topped off with fried onions. We thought that the coleslaw lacked tartness and needed more fish sauce. It wasn’t bad, it was quite refreshing but it needed some more flavour.

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