Weekend Recap: Father’s Day, Hiking and New Addition to the Family

I know, I’ve been a bad blogger. Truthfully, I haven’t been on my laptop much since it has been really laggy and with my phone and iPad, I don’t use my laptop as much.

I had a pretty good weekend, although I wasn’t feeling well on Sunday. Here’s a recap of my weekend:

Friday: early father’s day dinner at Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria

Since most my of family members were working on Father’s day (including myself), we celebrated father’s day early. My dad wanted Italian food, so I chose Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria in Burnaby because I’ve always wanted to try their pizza’s!

{We started our meal with calamari and shared the penne chicken pesto and linguine vongole pasta}

{We also shared the polpette and panchetta pizza}

{My family!}

Saturday: hiking at Stawamus Chief

Initially I didn’t have any plans for Saturday but some of my school friends were going hiking at the Chief and asked if I wanted to join. It was my first time hiking the Chief and it was actually really fun! My legs were burning though because I did an intense leg day the day prior.

{I met this sweetest dog named Sonic on the hike. He kept coming back to me because he wanted some of my sandwich but I didn’t mind at all}

{The second peak. It actually started raining when we got to the top of the second peak so we had to wait for the rain to stop before we could go back down}

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Monday Motivation: On following your dream

I got this magnet when I was at Got Craft? and I look at it when I’m in need of some motivation.

Recently I was in a period of my life where I felt lost. Realizing that I’m near the end of my undergrad with no clear direction of what I want to do afterwards, I was scared. What made matters worst is that I realized that I didn’t want to pursue psychology at the graduate level.

I took a risk and decided that I want to pursue marketing and communications. I knew that I could use my psychology background in marketing, despite what people tell me. I sought out experience related to marketing and communications, and ultimately landed an internship doing just that. I know that after I graduate with my psychology degree, I will have to take some courses in marketing/communications and for once in my life.

The moral of this post is that if you have a dream, take risks and work towards that dream. The journey will be hard, but in the end it will be worth it. I get people telling me that I can’t go into marketing with my psychology degree, but I’m proving them wrong. For so long I didn’t do anything because I didn’t think it was possible but it wasn’t until I took a risk that change happened. I am taking baby steps towards my dream career, one risk at a time.

Thanks for reading!



Weeking Outings: The Farmer’s Market

One of my favourite weekend activities is to visit the farmers market with my cousin. Two weeks ago, I visited the Kitsilano farmer’s market, which is temporarily being held at the location where Nat Bailey’s farmer market is held. Since I was dog sitting that week, I decided to bring along Yuki. Continue reading to the end to see what I bought!

{My cousin and Yuki} {Yuki and I. My outfit that day included converse, a midi skirt, white tank, jean jacket and Kate Spade bag}

{French pastries from French Made Baking}

{Beautiful peonies}

{Yuki made some new doggy friends!}

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Case of the Mondays

Hello! As you can tell, I’ve been MIA lately. I just started a new job and volunteer position, and along with that I’ve been having midterms non-stop for the past couple of weeks. I applaud those who are able to go to school full time, work and manage to obtain high grades because I am finding it difficult to find a balance. As my title states, I have a case of the Mondays, more so this Monday due to the loss of an hour of sleep from day light savings. Do any of you suffer from the case of the Mondays? For me, sleeping in on the weekends and having to wake up at 6:30 makes me zombie-like on Mondays

Since I haven’t done much lately, here are some pictures from last month…

{Valentine’s day box from Basho Cafe. I bought this as a valentines gift to myself}

{Delicious deep fried oysters from The Fish Counter. A place to check out for fish and chips in Vancouver}

{Gastown at night is very pretty}

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Study, Eat, Sleep and Repeat

While many students are finished their midterms, I still have 3 more to go. It’s a never ending cycle of midterms and I am once again frantically studying for them. I hate how I have 2 midterms on the same day; it gives me less time to study and more material to take in. I’ve been having 12-hour days at school and I really miss getting 8 hours of sleep. On the bright side, I finally got a new phone! Here some pictures of my week taken with my new phone :

{I don’t frequent Landsdown Mall much, but I went there to get a screen protector for my new phone. Matcha Latte from this coffee shop located in the food court. I simply love latte art!}

{Hand made xiao long bao aka steam pork buns from R&H Chinese Food (I think that’s the name of the stall). Surprisingly good for a food court stall! It was exploding with soup (literally) and  you can see them making fresh xiao long baos}

{View from the 3rd floor of my school’s library with typical Vancouver weather: rain}

{I was craving Root’s Cafe’s Veggie Burger, so I took a break from studying and purchased one to satisfy my craving. It was as delicious as the first time I tried it}

I hope everyone has a good weekend and thanks for reading!

Help I’m Alive

The other day M and I were expressing our excitement for the Metric concert, hence my choice in title for this post. I’ve had a horrible week at school; from loosing my phone to doing horrendous on my English essay to having to write two midterms; I’m so glad it is Thanksgiving long weekend this week. I’ve been without my phone for 3 days now, and I’m not going to lie, I feel so disconnected.  Telus is being very uncooperative with us, so I have to use my dad’s old blackberry for now, though I really wish Telus could just sell me an iPhone without having so many restrictions as to why they can’t do that. Sigh.

Well as for the picture I took at the library, it reminds of this quote:

“No matter what you’re going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but you can do it and just keep working towards it and you’ll find the positive side of things.”


Venice Beach


Salted Caramel Gelato

I’ve been feeling down lately, so I decided to share two photos that brought back positive memories. The first photo was taken at Venice Beach during my LA trip. The second photo is a scoop of salted caramel gelato I had on Canada day. You’re probably wondering why I associate gelato with positive memories… and I guess it’s because desserts make me happy LOL. In times of sorrows, I’ve learned to find something positive to look forward to. Though these past few weeks have been tough, I’m looking forward to the month of August. New post will be up Friday as I have an essay and group presentation due on Thursday.






I finished my last exam, which means freedom! I’ve been feeling pretty good lately due to several factors:

  • I did well on both my anthropology and criminology papers
  • I have no more exams to do
  • I got an email from Eat! Vancouver informing me of my volunteer position
  • I got to hang out with S.A.W and Bill Gate’s daughter after having no social life for the past 2 months
  • I got money from a piece of clothing I consigned

This was suppose to be up yesterday (Friday), but I was too tired when I came home. Started Friday off with an 8:30am exam and came home around 9pm. I took a lot of pictures so I’m going to make a separate post on what I did on Friday tomorrow.

Here are some phone pictures of my week:

{What I made for dinner on Monday: cod fillet with Es S’ sauce, cheese tortellini & green salad}

{Small beef noodle soup (pho) & salad roll at Oakridge food court}

{Macaron’s from Murchies. They spelled macaron wrong haha}

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What I Ate for Lunch Today

Just a quick post about what I ate for lunch today:

{Chicken Parmesan with salad}

This was very simple to make; just add tomoatoe sauce, parmesan and mozzarella cheese on top of a breaded chicken breast and bake until cheese is melted.

My last day of classes is tomorrow but I have a lot of notes to prepare for finals. I’ve been in a bad mood because I’m being taken advantage of by 2 friends. You probably don’t care LOL, so I’ll spare you the details.

12 Facts About Me

Here’s a post about 12 things about myself. Most of you don’t know that much about me so here are the 12 things:

1. I first learned to cook watching the food network and then in foods class in high school. My mom is a horrible cook and I guess I wanted to learn how to cook so I wouldn’t have to eat her cooking.. LOL. She never taught me how to cook nor did she have any “family recipes”.My dad said she was spoiled by her family as a child hence her horrible cooking skills.

2. I LOVE dogs. I’ve been obsessed with dogs ever since I was 5. My mom thinks dogs are dirty and smelly so she never let us ( my brother and I) have one. I’ve been begging for a dog since I was 5 and still no dog….

3. I’m a really shy person. I’ve always been shy and I tell myself that I need to overcome it but it’s so hard for me. I also have low self-esteem because I have always been made fun of for my bad skin ( acne, rosacea and oily skin to be exact) and less than perfect body.

4. I wish I had artistic skills such as drawing skills. I remember envying my classmates in elementary school who could draw because I thought it was such a great talent.

5. I took home economics all through high school and even won the home ec award when I graduated but I don’t plan on being a chef or anything in the culinary field.Cooking is only a hobby to me and most of the time I cook for myself.

6. My dream vacation is a trip to Europe. I would love to explore the history, food and cultures of Europe. I’m hoping to go when I graduate.

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