Summer Loving: First Week of July

I’m a bit behind in blogging because my computer has been acting up lately but I think I’ve solved the problem. Since I didn’t post anything lats week, I’m going to separate my weekend recaps into two post. This post will consist of pictures from the first week of July.

Canada Day

My Canada day didn’t go as I had planned. I intended to go to Canada Place with my cousin before she went to work but we left the house too late and couldn’t make it in time. Instead we went to Chinatown:

We went to The Ramen Butcher for lunch. I had the Tsukemen; a cold ramen dish dipped in warm soup. It was great for the hot weather that day, but I found the broth too salty for my preference.

Afterwards, we walked over to Matchstick Coffee and I had an iced London Fog. Matchstick coffee is one of my favourite places to get a London Fog, following Steam tea house.

Afterwards, I went over to my other cousins house to celebrate his birthday and to eat some more. Following that, my friends and I had planned to go to Wreck Beach, but we never made it to the beach because one of my friends got too drunk and passed out.

Friday- July 3rd

On Friday afternoon, my cousin and I decided to bring her dog Miso to the park and have a picnic as well. We bought some snacks and sandwiches from Renzullo Food Market, a cute family-run deli in my neighborhood.


{Miso and I outside of Renzullo Food Market’s wall mural}

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Spring Blues: Afternoon Tea & Food

I was looking at my photos from last year and I realized how much happier I was then. Now, I don’t go out much and all I do is school related work, which in turn has made me feel a bit down. I did however, try this new place on Cambie called LuvCraving for Afternoon tea with S.A.W. I forgot to bring my camera because I actually forgot that we were meeting that day until 10 mintues prior to our meeting time.. good thing I was at school, which is about 10 minutes away from the place.

Here’s a picture of our food. We got the signature afternoon tea and the petite afternoon tea:


And here is some pictures of food I’ve taken over the past few weeks:

{Blowfish bento box from Blowfish sushi; Veggie burger with salad from Roots cafe}

{London Fog & Earl Grey cake from Trafiq; Also in the picture, Geek Love, which I was reading for English class}

On the bright side, I am dog siting this week, which I quite enjoy. I hope you all have a nice, relaxing weekend!


As you can tell, I haven’t been uploading new post this past week. I’ve been busy with school, frantically studying (more like cramming) for two midterms next week leaves me little time to blog. Another reason is that I’ve been having major writers block, I don’t know what to blog about anymore… I have many restaurant reviews, but I want to create a bit more variety on this blog.

Anyways, here are some pictures of my week:

{Lavender Latte from a cafe located in my school’s student union building named Dukes. My caffeine fix to help me get through my 8:30am class}

{Bouquet of Hydrangea’s (photo taken from the summer, just never uploaded)}

{London Fog’s and macaron’s with my two favourite cousins}

{Delicious Hainanese chicken from Cafe D’Lite}

I’ll be MIA until Friday but I’ll try to squeeze in a quick post in between. Thanks for understanding and have a great weekend!

My Week

This week has been spent lounging around at home, riding my newly fixed bike and catching up with S.A.W. Here are some things from my week:

This song has been stuck in my head for the past week:

{Bought this ring holder and necklace stand to reorganize my accessories}

{Matcha milk from Fujiya}

{Homemade lunch: pasta, chicken and salad}

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May the Fourth Be With You

Happy Star Wars day everyone! In exactly one month, I’ll be headed off to L.A! I’m so excited, I haven’t been away for a while now. My parents always go to Vegas and leave my brother and I stuck in Vancouver, so finally we get to go on a family vacation! Any suggestions on places to eat and visit in L.A is greatly appreciated 😀

Here’s some pictures from my week:

{Vegan Earl Grey cupcake and London Fog from Bonchaz- I love anything Earl Grey!}

{Granville Island with Es S and my dad. Although it was a cloudy day, I had a great time!}

{Queen Elizabeth Park}

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Bel Cafe

S, Bill Gate’s daughter and I met up at Bel Cafe to catch up on life. Bill Gate’s daughter show cased her slimmer body and do you want to know what her secret is? Apparently it is partying….

Anyways back to Bel Cafe. Bel Cafe is located in Rosewood Hotel Georgia and is owned by chef David Hawsworth. I wanted to try Bel Cafe because I wanted to try their macarons! They have a good selection of food items ranging from macarons, drinks,soups,salads,sandwiches to desserts.

The setup of the cafe was different from other cafes- you have to wait to be seated and a server will take your order. More like a restaurant than a cafe, but there is the option of getting take out.

S started off with a drink

She ordered a London Fog.

Both S and Bill Gate’s daughter ordered the Breakfast Sandwich-organic egg, back bacon, tomato, gruyere gougère. Along with these ingredients, what appear to be some sort of avocado mousse was sandwiched between choux pastry. S said this was alright, she said my sandwich looked better.

Even though it was lunch, they still had breakfast sandwiches left so S and Bill Gate’s daughter were able to order it.

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Soirette Macarons and Tea

Macaron and tea, two of the many things I enjoy in life, so it was obvious I had to check Soirette out! Soirette Macarons and Tea is then newest addition to the Macaron craze in Vancouver. I would say Soirette is currently my favourite place for macarons because I enjoy the variety of flavours they have to offer.

They have a good selection of macarons and many unique flavours. They bake all their macarons in house, use all natural ingredients and don’t use dyes like some other places.

Along with macarons they have a good selection of drinks

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