EAT! Vancouver: Food and Wine Festival 2013

Eat! Vancouver is one of my favourite festivals to attend. It’s a food lover’s dream! I’ve been going for many years now and this year did not disappoint. Es S, SAW and I attended the festival last Friday a little bit after it opened its doors at 2pm. I wished I was able to attend the festival on Saturday because Chuck Huges (one of my favourite chefs) was cooking on the celebrity chef stage. Despite not being able to see Chuck, I had a great time seeing new products, eating, drinking and sampling. Here are some of my high lights of the festival:

Membertime, a members-only website offering discounts at partnered restaurants around Vancouver, gave out free bags with a bottle of water to people who signed up. According to the information provided, they will be launched at the end of June. It sounded intriguing so we all signed up.

This stall also intrigued me. It is a monthly tea subscription where each month, you will be mailed a number of teas. I believe the cost is around $20 a month. Great concept for those who are avid tea drinkers searching for new teas to try.

I enjoyed the sample of Mash from the stall, so I bought two to take home. They are refreshing and a good alternative to pop.

These Good Drink teas are also great tasting but I didn’t buy any.

These CheeCha Puffs are so tasty and contain significantly lower amounts of calories than chips. They also have a few gluten free varieties.

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Review: Price Smart Foods Macarons

While grocery shopping at Price Smart Foods, specifically the Richmond location, I came across a 12 pack of macaraon’s. I was intrigued and decided to try them out. The price for a pack of 12 was about $9, which is fairly cheaper than many other places offering macarons for about $2 a macaron.

The macarons come in a clear container which isn’t as visually appealing as the other places, but it does the job and is expected for grocery store sold macarons.

The box includes 6 flavours: vanilla, pistachio, coffee, lemon, raspberry and chocolate. All of them are filled with butter cream except the chocolate, which is filled with ganache and the raspberry, which is filled with jam.

Here’s a rundown of the macarons:

  • Size: These macarons are on the smaller size, but still a good size to eat.
  • Texture: Due to the macarons being refrigerated, the shell wasn’t as delicate and crisp but instead quite soft.
  • Flavour: Flavour wise, I found it to be faint. I would have liked it to be stronger but it was still enjoyable

Overall, I thought the macarons were actually not bad for supermarket quality. Flavour wise, they aren’t as good as the others, but good for those who are just looking for basic, cheap macarons. Would I purchase them again? If I’m in the mood for some macarons and so happen to be buying groceries, then yes.


Vegas: Part 2

{Picture I snapped on our walk back to our hotel.Vegas is so nice at night}

Day 2 of our short 3 day trip. We ate breakfast at the buffet located in the Aria, photos can befound in this post here. After that we went shopping at the Premium Outlet North

{Premium Outlet North}

For dinner, we went to Wicked Spoon Buffet located inside the Cosmopolitan. This was my favourite buffet of the trip. Great selection of food and desserts.

{Round 1: Snow crab legs, prime rib, salad, ceviche, chicken wings and shepherds pie}

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Macaron Day 2013

Happy Macaron Day! Unfortunately, I did not eat any macarons today because I have a lot of school work to do. Instead, I’ll showcase some pictures I have taken of macarons since last years post! You can check out my post about macaron day from last year here

{Macarons from Ganache patisserie}

{Macarons from Indulgence bakery}

{Fabourg macaron}

{French Made Baking macarons}

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Baker’s Market [2012]

If you know me, you know I love sweets. After my first experience with the Baker’s Market last year (read post here), I was excited to go again this year. After a month of non-stop group projects and studying, I was finally able to find one Saturday to check it out. December 8th marks the last day for the Baker’s Market, so I recommend you go check it out before it ends!

Since it’s December, many of the vendors had Christmas themed goodies. Most of the vendors give out free sample, so feel free to ask for some. I apologize for some of the photos; I rushed taking many of the photos

{This stall had many delectable looking sweets including cannele’s . The lady working there was also extremely friendly and offered us samples}


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Recent Purchases

With all the Black Friday sales going on, I was excited to shop. I only ended up getting 1 item on sale though; a jacket from American Eagle online because they were having 40% off everything and free shipping.

{This jacket is sold out on AE but I’ve seen Material Girl and Top Shop carry it}

From Little Burgundy I got:

{Everything Augusta toque- so soft and comfy}

{I’ve been really into stud’s lately so I got these stud earrings}

I also bought a pack of macaron’s from Bel Cafe, yum!

{Flavours include: raspberry, vanilla, pb&j, pistachio, cookies and cassia, cookies and cream (my all time fav) and dark chocolate}

I also ordered some items off Forever 21 online but it’s not very interesting. So that concludes my Black Friday “haul”. I find that I have less of a desire to shop for clothing nowadays, which is great for my wallet but I just end up spending most of my money on food… LOL

Sleep Alone

As you can tell, I’ve been updating less frequently and I do apologize. My weeks consist of going to school, studying and working out, so little time is left for having a social life and updating my blog. Now that I am starting a new workout and diet regiment, I’ve been eating out less frequently, which equates to less food post. I wanted to check out the Fraser Valley food show, but both my dad and I are too busy to drive down there. That being said, here are some pictures from my past weeks

{Early Grey misto + rosewater and lavender macaron | S.A.W’s cake + macaron | delicious green tea cheesecake from T&T}

{Salvadorian food from Guanaco food truck | my dads massive cake for his big birthday celebration}

I’ve also been loving this song by Walk The Moon:

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Macarons from Faubourg

After afternoon tea, I decided to get some macarons. Macarons are a relatively new addition to Faubourg, so I wanted to see how it compared to other places in Vancouver.

They have a good selection of flavours and look aesthetically pleasing.

Here are the flavours I purchased:

I got Tahitian vanilla, hazelnut praline, Faubourg signature and pistachio.

My favouritre flavours were the hazelnut praline and Tahitian vanilla. I can’t recall how the faubourg signature tasted, but it was a bit fruity. Size wise, they are a good size; not too small nor too big and they had a nice crisp exterior with a chewy interior.

Overall, I would rank their macaron as above average but my favourite macarons are from Bel Cafe and Soirette 🙂


Weekend Randoms

This week has been an eventful week. I watched Bourne Legacy with S.A.W and L, and I was a bit disappointed. The only thing I really enjoyed about the movie was Jeremey Renner… LOL.  I am also no longer unemployed, which I am happy about. Here are some pictures of my week from my phone:

{Got a surprise visit from Yuki. Doesn’t she looks adorable in this picture?}

{My dad found his old SLR camera and I’ve been playing around with}

 {Earl Grey tea and rosewater macaron’s from Leonidas}

{Watermelon, taro, green tea and original flavour frozen yogurt from yogen fruz. I love the new Yogen Fruz on Robson street!}

Hope everyone has a good weekend and thanks for reading!

Afternoon Tea at Faubourg

Back in April (I know, I’m really late on my food posts), S.A.W, Bill Gates daughter and I met up at Faubourg for high tea. We were contemplating between Adonia and Faubourg, but settled for the latter. This was S.A.W. and I’s first experience for high tea, and of course this does not apply to Bill Gates daughters, as her parents are very generous with her allowance.

The restaurant/ high tea area is located in the back of the place and is elegantly decorated with a beautiful chandelier. I particularly enjoyed the chairs, the china was also quite nice.

We went for the Pink afternoon tea, which included your choice of tea, sandwiches and pastries for $25.50. I thought it was a tad pricey, especially for a student like myself, but it ended up being quite filling. The high tea here is cheaper than many places, take Fairmount for example.

The server brought out samples of their tea offerings for us to smell. There were quite a few choices, so it took us a while to decide what to get.

S.A.W and I both ended up choosing the Earl Grey tea as our choice of tea. I don’t recall what Bill Gates daughter choice, I believe it was a fruity tea. Two Earl Grey tea bags were placed into a pot of hot water and water is refilled upon request.

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