Weekend Recap: Enjoying the Hot Weather In Vancouver

This past weekend in Vancouver has been hot temperature wise. Originally I had plan to go on a road trip with some school friends but I just started a new job and I wasn’t sure if i could get time off, so I didn’t end up going. Instead, I took advantage of the nice weather and spent time with family and high school friends! My weekend was a little too indulgent, but it’s Monday and I’m back to the clean eating grind.

I spent most of my weekend at the beach, more specifically at Spanish Banks. I like Spanish Banks because I find it less busy than the other beaches in Vancouver and there is free parking!

Friday: froyo, beach and family time

Prior to the beach, my cousin and I stopped by Scoop on West 4th to get some frozen yogurt. I got the lavender flavour while my cousin got the matcha flavour.

{Me and my frozen yogurt}

Spanish Banks was really quiet on the Friday afternoon we went. I didn’t mind though, it was quite nice actually.

{My cousin and the view}

After the beach I had a family dinner with my moms side of the family. I didn’t take any pictures of that but there was a lot of food!

Saturday: catching up with old friends and the beach again

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Christmas Eve

Now that exams are done, I’m can finally enjoy Christmas. I love this time of the year when the city is adorned with Christmas decorations. I’ve been quite lazy lately; usually during my winter break I do some baking but I haven’t done any yet.

Here’s some pictures from my winter break so far:

{Latte & red velvet candy cane doughnut from 49th Parallel & Lucky’s doughnut}

{Post-exam celebrations @ Guu & desserts @ Society}

{Dog sitting Yuki for a week! She got a new Santa dress for Christmas}

{Nikatsu sandwich & French onion soup from Marulilu Cafe}

{German Schnitzel from the Christmas Market}

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

Marulilu Cafe: Memories of High School

After a extremely stressful and hard forensic psychology midterm, I decided to visit one of my favourite cafes– Marulilu Cafe. Every time I visit, I get flashbacks of my high school days where my friends and I would skip class to eat at Marulilu. Thinking about high school reminds me of the more carefree days spent with friends. Now times have changed, but I thought it would be a good place to de-stress after a midterm.

I ordered a garlic ome rice and Jasmine tea latte (which was on special that day). I love the tomoto sauce that comes with the dish, it compliments the rice and egg so well.

L mentioned that I haven’t made a blog post for more than a week, so this post is dedicated to L. I won’t be posting as frequent because I still have midterms to study (more like cram) for, but thanks for reading!

Spring Break

After a week filled with midterms, my spring break has finally commenced. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the past weeks:

{Ate some Thai food for lunch. Pictured above is a chicken and basil dish}

{Satisfied my Thai iced tea craving}

{Went to the Farmer’s Market and tried brussels sprout and cauliflower dish from a food cart}

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Instagram Week

I leave for LA on Monday, so this week has been spent hastily preparing for the trip. I am also volunteering and covering EAT! Vancouver this weekend, which I am very excited for.  Here are pictures of my week  via Instagram:

{Dads new camera}

{Delicious ome rice from Marulilu}

{Book I spotted at Urban Outfitters that I want}

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Finally the weekend

This week seemed really long for some reason. The weather has been pretty good these past days but I’ve been having troubles sleeping lately.

After class on Tuesday, Es S and I watched “Sisters and Brothers”, from the Vancouver International Film Festival. I was fortunate enough to be able to watch the last screening at the Vogue theater.The main reason I watched it because my love Cory Monteith is in it 😀

This movie was shot in Vancouver and in one of Cory’s scene they went to Pho Saigon ( which is somewhat close to my house). He was so close, yet so far lol 😦

On Friday,I met up with S to eat at Marulilu cafe and watch “what’s your number”

Chris Evans is so hot!

Here’s what I got from Marulilu:

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Feeling Down..Clubhouse Sushi Lunch

I don’t know why I was feeling down today, perhaps it’s the drab weather? I actually don’t mind cloudy weather because it means I can wear layers. After class today, I wanted to try the okonomiyaki at Clubhouse Sushi, but it wasn’t opened until 12pm. So I decided to go my favourite cafe, Marulilu, and have a drink in the mean time.

Today’s drink special was white chocolate matcha latte so I got that. The white chocolate taste was quite faint, but still good non the less. You could still taste the matcha and a great drink for a cold day.

I read Lou Lou magazine and some newspapers to pass time…

So at 12pm, I made my way to Clubhouse Sushi. To my disappointment, they don’t serve okonomiyaki at lunch, only during dinner. So I settled for something else on their lunch menu.

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Rice Burgers @ Marulilu Cafe

Marulilu is one of my favourite cafes to visit. I frequent Marulilu because of its convenient location and because of their diverse, delicious menu. Marulilu has a new addition to their menu: rice burgers! The only other time I’ve tried rice burgers was last year at the nightmarket, so I was curious about Marulilu’s version.

After our classes, M and I made our way to Marulilu to try their rice burgers.

They have two flavours: Sukiyaki or Buta Kimuchi. We got one of each flavour.

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