This blog has been neglected. I’ve been lacking motivation to do anything, including updating this blog. Truthfully, life has been uneventful lately and I’ve been feeling glum. I can’t wait until finals are over so I can enjoy Christmas (my favourite season!). I don’t have more to say so here are some photos from the past few weeks:

{Cooler Vancouver weather calls for a piping hot bowl of pho}

{Went zip lining for the first time in Whistler. It was so much fun!}

{Ramen from Nanchuu}

{Coconut cream pie & sugar free Thai tea ice-cream from Eagles buffet}

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Five Elements Cafe: Delicious Vietnamese and Thai Food

Even though I don’t live very far from Commercial Drive, I don’t frequent the area much despite the amount of restaurants located there. After visiting the Farmer’s market on a rainy Saturday, Es S and I passed by Five Elements Cafe. It had a “grand opening 10% off” banner and had the words Vietnamese submarines, gelato, frozen yogurt and coffee written on the window. Interesting mix of cuisines, but I was intrigued so we went inside to check it out.

Click for larger image 🙂

Five Elements Cafe carries an array of foods; they have vietnamese dishes such as pho and subs, Thai dishes, caffeinated beverages, tea, gelato and frozen yogurt. You can click on the picture for a bigger version of the menu. Price wise, most of the dishes are under $10 other than the sizzling plates. They have a display of their selection of teas for you to smell, which I thought was a nice touch.

You pay and order at the counter,tell the cashier where you are going to sit and the food is brought to you. Water is self serve and they have a cutlery and condiment station in the back. The interior was clean and bright and I liked the exposed brick walls.

Here’s what we ate:

Es S started with a papaya coleslawshrimp or tofu, vinaigrette and herbs. Along with shredded papaya, the coleslaw included shredded carrots, basil, chopped peanuts and topped off with fried onions. We thought that the coleslaw lacked tartness and needed more fish sauce. It wasn’t bad, it was quite refreshing but it needed some more flavour.

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This and That

After finishing my biology midterm on Monday (which I’m positive I did horribly on) I finally had some time to actually have a social life this week! This included watching 2 movies, trying new foods, making a trip to Ikea and seeing Metric live in concert (which was amazing by the way!). Here are some pictures of my week via my phone and my dad’s point and shoot:

{My favourite time of the year is Christmas! I love drinking Joy Tea Latte’s from Starbucks during this time of the year}

{I don’t usually eat Mcdonalds, but I decided to try the new (to Canada) Chicken McBites }

{Breakfast combo with sausage and over easy eggs from school. Much needed after an extremely boring early morning English class}

{Pho at Pho Tan}

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Vancouver’s Bipolar Weather

Vancouver’s weather has been pretty bipolar lately; one minute it’s pouring rain, then the next it’s extremely sunny. I tried to make the most of the weekend before school starts again and fortunately for me, the weather was very nice yesterday so I went biking. I also watched Seeking a Friend for the End of the World with S.A.W. and I thought the movie went a bit slow; the best part for me was the cute dog in the movie. The movie was very funny though, so I would recommend watching it if you’re into comedy.

Here’s some pictures I took with my iPhone during the weekend:

{Spotted this shirt along with a few other nice shirts at Front and Company}

{Vij’s Railway Express, one of the new food trucks in Vancouver, was at the Farmer’s Market so Es S bought and order of cassava fries and lamb kebab to try. Both were delicious!}

{Pho with Es S}

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I finished my last exam, which means freedom! I’ve been feeling pretty good lately due to several factors:

  • I did well on both my anthropology and criminology papers
  • I have no more exams to do
  • I got an email from Eat! Vancouver informing me of my volunteer position
  • I got to hang out with S.A.W and Bill Gate’s daughter after having no social life for the past 2 months
  • I got money from a piece of clothing I consigned

This was suppose to be up yesterday (Friday), but I was too tired when I came home. Started Friday off with an 8:30am exam and came home around 9pm. I took a lot of pictures so I’m going to make a separate post on what I did on Friday tomorrow.

Here are some phone pictures of my week:

{What I made for dinner on Monday: cod fillet with Es S’ sauce, cheese tortellini & green salad}

{Small beef noodle soup (pho) & salad roll at Oakridge food court}

{Macaron’s from Murchies. They spelled macaron wrong haha}

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First Snow Day of 2012!

It finally snowed in Vancouver! Vancouver barely snows because it rains most of the time, it only snowed once in 2011 and that melted the next day LOL.

View of the snow from my front yard. I just realized I’ve never driven in snow. For the 2 years I’ve been driving, it never snowed so I never had to drive in snowy conditions.

Today is also my brother’s RKO birthday. Guess how he is celebrating it? By going to watch WWE wrestling of course LOL.

Today my dad needed me to do some work around his workshop so that’s what I did today. I started my morning off with this:

Early Grey Tea Latte from Starbucks, cinnamon straw and mini croissant from IGA marketplace.

For lunch we had some pho, great on a snowy day like this:

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Pho + Yuki

So yesterday M and I went to the winters farmers market but I didn’t buy anything. It was a chilly day and I was craving pho, so we went to Pho Tan for some pho.

M and I both got the rare beef and beef ball noodle soup. I like how the broth was not too salty or loaded with msg.

We also shared an order of spring rolls.

After, we went to see Yuki

She got a new dress for the holidays. Isn’t it cute? 😀

We originally planned on going to the Christmas Market but we couldn’t find parking, so we are going on Tuesday instead. I am done my Christmas shopping ( hopefully) so now all I have to do is wrap the gifts.


Today has been a frustrating day. Apparently my email has a virus and has been sending out spam emails.

I got laser done on my face yesterday, but I’m also quite disappointed. My face is  swollen on one side and there hasn’t been any changes. I’ve read online that you need at least 3 treatments to see any reduction of redness for rosacea, but this dermatologist only did one treatment and never said anything about other treatments. So I’m planning on going to see another dermatologist for more laser treatments.

Anyways, Es S gave me a few luscious lemon pudding from recipe to riches to try

I thought it was pretty good actually, and I don’t usually enjoy citrus desserts.

I also had some pho yesterday from Bon Cafe.

Bon Cafe

It was a rainy day in Vancouver ( so typical) and I was craving a bowl of pho before I did my sociology midterm. I settled for Bon Cafe since it was near by and it’s somewhere I’ve never tried.

Situated on Main and 33rd, Bon Cafe is a small Vietnamese restaurant that serves the usual pho, vermicelli and rice dishes along with banh mi and bubble tea.

I decided to go for Combo E which is one small beef noodle in soup and one sandwich ( banh mi).

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