Weekend Recap: Enjoying the Hot Weather In Vancouver

This past weekend in Vancouver has been hot temperature wise. Originally I had plan to go on a road trip with some school friends but I just started a new job and I wasn’t sure if i could get time off, so I didn’t end up going. Instead, I took advantage of the nice weather and spent time with family and high school friends! My weekend was a little too indulgent, but it’s Monday and I’m back to the clean eating grind.

I spent most of my weekend at the beach, more specifically at Spanish Banks. I like Spanish Banks because I find it less busy than the other beaches in Vancouver and there is free parking!

Friday: froyo, beach and family time

Prior to the beach, my cousin and I stopped by Scoop on West 4th to get some frozen yogurt. I got the lavender flavour while my cousin got the matcha flavour.

{Me and my frozen yogurt}

Spanish Banks was really quiet on the Friday afternoon we went. I didn’t mind though, it was quite nice actually.

{My cousin and the view}

After the beach I had a family dinner with my moms side of the family. I didn’t take any pictures of that but there was a lot of food!

Saturday: catching up with old friends and the beach again

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Food and Friends

When my friends and I hang out, eating is usually involved. I guess it’s great to have friends who love to eat and try new places! Since midterms are over, I had some free time to hang out with Es S and S.A.W. and we went on a mini food adventure.

We met up at Basho cafe where I finally had the chance to try one of their savory food items:

I ordered a tuna tataki salad + lunch set which includes a green tea, soup of the day and mini sweets. The salad was delcious; the combination of the tender tuni tataki topped with ginger garlic sauce (sauce similar to the sauce you dip hainese chicken with), pickeled carrots and daikon and crisp lettuce dressed with a nice sauce was divine. I also ordered a matcha madeleine, which was also good.

Next off, we headed to Richmond for some Asian food! We decided on Aberdeen foot court:

We got deep fried chicken wings to share from Wo Fung Dessert and they were crispy and delectable. A must try if you’re at Aberdeen food court!

Lastly, for dessert, we went to Bubble Fruity for some Chinese desserts:

Pictured above is durian flavour sago cream, mango flavour sago cream and taro flavour sago cream with pearls. We all enjoyed our desserts and it was a great way to end our food adventure.


Richmond Summer Night Market

This past Friday, Es S and I made our way to the Richmond Summer Night Market for the first time this year. This year, a new one has opened up near River Rock Casino. We planned on visiting both, and we did just that. I don’t venture into Richmond often because I find it inconvenient and the roads confuse me. Usually I enjoy going to the summer night market, but this time it left a bad impression.

The Richmond Summer Night Market is open from May 11 to September 16.                                                          They are open Fri & Sat: 7:00PM-12:00AM and Sun & Holidays: 7:00PM-11:00PM.

It is a bit confusing getting to the new night market so Es S and I ended up exiting the night market instead of going to the parking lot. We ended up parking near Aberdeen Center and taking the Canada Line there. While walking to the night market, I guess I didn’t move out of the way in time and accidentally bumped into an old lady, who yelled, “CRAAAZY” at me. I wasn’t even at the night market yet and I was already having a bad night.

The new night market requires a $1 admission, which I wasn’t aware of and was not too pleased about.

Because of the $1 admission, there was a long line and wait to get into the night market. Again, not too pleased.

I didn’t take too many pictures of the stalls, but most stalls were selling phone accessories, Apple accessories, phone cases (mostly iPhone), stationary, and jewelry. I didn’t take too many pictures, but here are the few I took:

{Cute phone sleeves and the only item I purchased: a rose design iPhone case}

{There was a stall selling macaron’s and large mac pop’s, but I didn’t end up getting anything}

The great thing about the new night market is that there are more food stalls. To me, the best part of going to the night market is for the food, but it can get pricey! Here is what Es S and I got:

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New Years Eve Dinner @ Rhino’s Kitchen

On New Years Eve I had dinner with my parents at a new restaurant in Richmond called Rhino’s Kitchen. I read about it on Chowtimes and wanted to check it out since my dad said the designer of the restaurant had approached him about making some chairs for the place, but later decided she didn’t need him.

The interior is quite interesting, there are pictures of rhino’s on the wall and fake trees and moss to simulate a safari setting.

I like their giraffe printed carpets LOL.

Anyways, on to the food. I got the Christmas & New Years Special

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Pearl Castle

After nightmarket, we originally wanted to go to Bubble Queen, but it was closed so we decided to go Pearl Castle instead.

Since it was late, there were a lot of parking spots. Good thing for me because I am bad at parking… :$

We all ordered drinks and shared two snacks

I ordered the Wheat germ green milk tea. Sorry for the blurry photo… my camera skills are horrible.

Bill Gates daughter ordered a Peach milk tea with pearls.

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