May Lately

Now that I’m on my summer break, it’s nice not having to stress over school. This week I’ve been really sick, so I haven’t done much except for visits to the hospital, going to my internship and working out with my personal trainer.

Here are some pictures from last weekend + Monday:

{Chicken and waffle from Scadilicious on Victoria Drive. I love how they used a cornbread waffle for this dish}

On Sunday, after visiting Eat! Vancouver, my dad wanted to go to Steveston, so we enjoyed the lovely sunny evening there…

{Picture of me snapchatting the cute dog on the boat}

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Easter Sunday in Steveston

I love going to Steveston, especially when the weather is nice. On Easter Sunday, my dad and I went to Steveston for some food and to take pictures. Being a holiday, there were many people at Steveston as well as many cute dogs… hehe.

I wanted fish and chips from Pajo’s but the line was long and with limited seating, my dad and I decided to eat at Sockeye City Grill :

I had a mojito and large cod fish and chips. The mojito was refreshing and great for the sunny weather. Sadly, the fish was not very crispy but the fries were good. My dad had a sea breeze and crab cake benny. The crab cakes was fried to perfection and my dad enjoyed the dish.

Outpost mini donut company has been on my list of “to try” places for a while now, so after a short walk around Steveston, we went got half a dozen of mini donuts:

They had a good variety of flavours and the mini donuts we ordered were still warm. I think my expectations were too high for this place. Even though I enjoyed the mini donut itself, all the flavours tasted similar to me. I thought some of the glazed ones were a bit too sweet, but the cinnamon sugar was delicious.

So that was my Easter Sunday in Steveston. With exams fast approaching, my days will be limited to studying…. sigh. On  the bright side, I will have a nice 4 month summer break. Thanks for reading!

Hog Shack Cook House

A while back, while in Steveston with my dad and brother, we decided to go to Hog Shack for lunch. I’ve heard a lot of buzz around Hog Shack, but took so long to try it because it is quite far from where I reside. Our visit turned out to be an unmemorable one; the food was decent but the service was horrible. More on that later.

When we arrived, it wasn’t very busy but  the tables filled up very quickly after we sat down.


My dad ordered the smoked beef brisket plate with sauted veggies and cornbread – House smoked beef brisket, piled high with texas toast. Unfortunately the brisket was a bit dry, but the sides were delicious.

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Vancouver’s Bipolar Weather

Vancouver’s weather has been pretty bipolar lately; one minute it’s pouring rain, then the next it’s extremely sunny. I tried to make the most of the weekend before school starts again and fortunately for me, the weather was very nice yesterday so I went biking. I also watched Seeking a Friend for the End of the World with S.A.W. and I thought the movie went a bit slow; the best part for me was the cute dog in the movie. The movie was very funny though, so I would recommend watching it if you’re into comedy.

Here’s some pictures I took with my iPhone during the weekend:

{Spotted this shirt along with a few other nice shirts at Front and Company}

{Vij’s Railway Express, one of the new food trucks in Vancouver, was at the Farmer’s Market so Es S bought and order of cassava fries and lamb kebab to try. Both were delicious!}

{Pho with Es S}

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Sockeye City grill + Timothy’s frozen yogurt

108-3800 Bayview Street
Steveston, BC V7E 6K7

When I was in Steveston, I went to Sockeye City grill for lunch. One of my main motives for visiting Steveston was to try this place.

I saw large amount of people ordering fish and chips, but I wasn’t in the mood to eat a meal consisting solely of deep fried foods.

I got a non-alcoholic lime margarita… because I’m not 19 yet LOL

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