3 Things

{Lemongrass beef & spring rolls from Saigon Venture}

{Homemade kimchi fried brown rice with bacon}

{New glasses for school — I love them!}

Life lately has been uneventful. The only exciting thing for me lately was attaining new glasses and getting my eye brows threaded. Other than that, I’ve been just focusing on school. I don’t have much else to say, so that’s it for this post. Thanks for reading!

The Least Wonderful Time of the Year

It’s that time of the year again…. final’s. Even though it’s December and Christmas is fast approaching, I can’t feel excied for anything related to the holidays because I’m stressed about finals. Life lately consists of studying, consuming copious amounts of caffeine and eating. I did however, did some shopping on Black Friday. I was pressed on time because I went before class, so I didn’t get as much as I was wanted to.

From Topshop, I got 3 dresses and a top for $10 each! A very good deal in my opinion, especially for the dresses (which I will be wearing for the holidays). The dresses are nicer in real life, the picture doesn’t do it justice.

Other than studying, I’ve been eating of course. Here are some phone pictures of what I’ve been eating:

{Pad Thai & Thai Tea from Sawasdee Thai}

{bbq pork, shredded pork and pork patty on vermicelli from Bao Chau}

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Life Lately

Hello readers! I’ve been feeling lazy lately, hence the lack of post. A lot of has happened for me since my last post! As you may know, I was preparing for my move to Kelowna to attend UBC Okanagan, but I am no longer moving. Last Friday, I got an email from UBC informing me that a small number of spaces remain in the faculty of arts at the Vancouver campus and they are offering me admission. I was actually really shocked, because they had rejected me months ago and I wasn’t expecting anything like this to happen. I accepted the offer because I would be saving my parents at least $1k a month on rent and food, but because it was offered to me at such a late time, many of the classes I wanted to take are full.

In other news, I got a new car! Technically it isn’t “my” car because I am sharing it with my brother, but I am still happy because I can now venture into farther places to try new places to eat. Before I had to borrow my moms car to drive and it was quite the hassle because my mom always made the borrowing process complicated.

I got a 2013 Mazda 3 sport in the colour graphite. The car was purchased at Freeway Mazda located in Maple Ridge and I was impressed with our salesman Anthony.

Lastly, here are some pictures of some food I ate lately:

{Lemongrass pork chop, shredded pork and meat pie from Thai Son}

{I purchased this watermelon soda because someone on my Facebook raved about it, but I thought the taste wasn’t very watermelon like. It tasted more like those sour watermelon candies in a soda form}

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Five Elements Cafe: Delicious Vietnamese and Thai Food

Even though I don’t live very far from Commercial Drive, I don’t frequent the area much despite the amount of restaurants located there. After visiting the Farmer’s market on a rainy Saturday, Es S and I passed by Five Elements Cafe. It had a “grand opening 10% off” banner and had the words Vietnamese submarines, gelato, frozen yogurt and coffee written on the window. Interesting mix of cuisines, but I was intrigued so we went inside to check it out.

Click for larger image 🙂

Five Elements Cafe carries an array of foods; they have vietnamese dishes such as pho and subs, Thai dishes, caffeinated beverages, tea, gelato and frozen yogurt. You can click on the picture for a bigger version of the menu. Price wise, most of the dishes are under $10 other than the sizzling plates. They have a display of their selection of teas for you to smell, which I thought was a nice touch.

You pay and order at the counter,tell the cashier where you are going to sit and the food is brought to you. Water is self serve and they have a cutlery and condiment station in the back. The interior was clean and bright and I liked the exposed brick walls.

Here’s what we ate:

Es S started with a papaya coleslawshrimp or tofu, vinaigrette and herbs. Along with shredded papaya, the coleslaw included shredded carrots, basil, chopped peanuts and topped off with fried onions. We thought that the coleslaw lacked tartness and needed more fish sauce. It wasn’t bad, it was quite refreshing but it needed some more flavour.

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Life Lately: Food Diary

I hope everyone had a good weekend and Mother’s day! Both my mom’s side and dad’s side of the family had a Mother’s day celebration, so my weekend was filled with gluttony. I didn’t take any pictures from either of those celebrations, but here’s what I’ve been eating lately…

For S.A.W’s late birthday celebration, we went to Richmond Center’s Food Terrace to eat snow ice from Umi. Surprisingly, it was quite good. I’ll definitely be back for some more.

Snow ice from Umi

I went for the green tea snow ice with mango, mochi and pudding while S.A.W went for the strawberry snow ice. The green tea snow ice had a nice matcha flavour, but my only complaint would be that the mango’s were not ripe, therefore it was quite hard. This was very refreshing on the hot weather we were having that day.

After walking around a bit, both S.A.W and I were feeling thirsty from the heat, so we hit up Teavana to check out some teas. We were given a sample of this tea and ended up getting an ice version of it.

Pictures above is the youthberry wild orange blossom blend tea. It reminded me of Starbucks passion tea, but more refreshing and less sweet. This tea is great served iced on a hot summer day.

I had a craving for Vietnamese spring rolls, so Es S and I went to Bao Chau to satisfy this craving. Bau Chau is supposedly known for their spring rolls and calls themselves the “spring roll house” and I must admit, they did not disappoint.

I ordered #36, which is basically everything: vermicelli with minced pork patty, grilled pork, shredded pork and spring rolls. I love getting this at Bao Chau because I like the variety of meats it includes. This time around, the pork was not overcooked and everything was delicious. The last time I ordered this dish, the pork was way overcooked, so I was hoping it wouldn’t be the case this time around.

I had a pack of Japanese curry lying around, so I decided to make beef curry with it. I also added carrots, potato’s and onions to the curry and served it over brown rice. Continue reading

Goodbye Exams

I finished my last exam yesterday and now I can finally relax. Since I haven’t done much this past week, this post will be sweet and short. Here are some pictures of my week:

{Lunch at home: Chicken, short ribs, potatoe wedges and salad}

{When I’m having troubles sleeping, I enjoy creating cheesy collages on my phone. Pictured above is lunch at Le Petit Saigon}

{Takeout from Sushi Nanaimo and a SIP lavender & lemon soda to get me through my last exam}

So that’s it for this post. Now that I have more time, I will be (hopefully) updating more frequently. Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!

Last Day of Magic

I’ve had a bad week to say the least. I spent all week stressing and working on my essay and the hot weather has produced undesirable amounts of body acne. I did however, watch Magic Mike with M yesterday and I wish I didn’t, I could have saved myself time and money. Worst part was the immature teenager sitting beside me squealed every time she saw Channing Tatum, which was many times. Enough with my ranting, I present to you some pictures I snapped during my week with my phone.

{My unsuccessful attempt at making macarons. The bottoms browned too quickly producing an overly crunchy macaron. At least they look ok}

{I really like this infinity love sign I found on Instagram}

{Oysters & chips (with a side salad) from Sockeye City Grill in Steveston}

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I finished my last exam, which means freedom! I’ve been feeling pretty good lately due to several factors:

  • I did well on both my anthropology and criminology papers
  • I have no more exams to do
  • I got an email from Eat! Vancouver informing me of my volunteer position
  • I got to hang out with S.A.W and Bill Gate’s daughter after having no social life for the past 2 months
  • I got money from a piece of clothing I consigned

This was suppose to be up yesterday (Friday), but I was too tired when I came home. Started Friday off with an 8:30am exam and came home around 9pm. I took a lot of pictures so I’m going to make a separate post on what I did on Friday tomorrow.

Here are some phone pictures of my week:

{What I made for dinner on Monday: cod fillet with Es S’ sauce, cheese tortellini & green salad}

{Small beef noodle soup (pho) & salad roll at Oakridge food court}

{Macaron’s from Murchies. They spelled macaron wrong haha}

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My Week in Phone Photos

This week has been a busy week preparing for finals and on top of that, my home internet is having problems. People who know me know what I have the most bizarre dreams, dreams that would make Freud proud LOL. I’ve been having some weird dreams about marriage and kids lately, I’m hoping these dreams aren’t foreshadows of my future haha.

Anyways, here are some pictures I took throughout the week:

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{Home made blueberry bran muffins minus raisins- just the way I like them!}


{Enjoying an original flavored frozen yogurt with strawberries from Yogen Fruz before night class}

{Dinner at Angel Cafe with my mom; chicken steak, baked oyster and a baked potato}


{Cemetery with my dad’s side of the family}

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I Hate Mondays

I dread going back to school on Mondays mainly because I have to stay at school for so long. Today was no exception and I was exhausted from lack of sleep and boring classes.

Anyways, I wanted to share this workout video with you guys:

What’s great about this workout is that you don’t need any equipment or a lot of space. So now there’s no excuse for not working out because of space restrictions or low ceilings. I’ve been doing this workout and it works quite well!

And here’s my lunch from yesterday:

Lemon grass chicken and spring roll over vermicelli from Song Huong.

So that’s it for now. I’ve been hibernating in my house because I have a lot of school work and also because I’m trying to save money. There goes any hope of a social life LOL.