Marulilu Cafe: Memories of High School

After a extremely stressful and hard forensic psychology midterm, I decided to visit one of my favourite cafes– Marulilu Cafe. Every time I visit, I get flashbacks of my high school days where my friends and I would skip class to eat at Marulilu. Thinking about high school reminds me of the more carefree days spent with friends. Now times have changed, but I thought it would be a good place to de-stress after a midterm.

I ordered a garlic ome rice and Jasmine tea latte (which was on special that day). I love the tomoto sauce that comes with the dish, it compliments the rice and egg so well.

L mentioned that I haven’t made a blog post for more than a week, so this post is dedicated to L. I won’t be posting as frequent because I still have midterms to study (more like cram) for, but thanks for reading!

Adventues in Downtown Bellingham & The Table Restaurant

Last Friday, Es S, M and I took a trip down to the states, specifically Bellingham, to do some grocery shopping. We were wandering around Downtown Bellingham when we became hungry. So we walked around, looking for a place to satisfy our hungry stomachs. There was just one problem though…. me. Most of the establishments situated in Downtown Bellingham were either bars, pubs or breweries and being 20 years old, I was considered a minor, meaning no entry. After going through many places, we finally found a place that I could dine at– It was such a relief.

The place we settled on was The Table by Bellingham Pasta. The service at The Table was excellent and made the dining experience more enjoyable. Since I forgot my camera, here are some crappy iPhone photos:

We started off with an antipasti plate. This was a good start to our dinner.

I ordered the Hunters Roasted ChickenClassic oven roasted herb chicken, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, traditional English tartar sauce. I enjoyed this dish and though the chicken was perfectly cooked. The fact that I was hungry made this dish taste even better.

While walking around Downtown Bellingham, we encountered some odd people. There was one guy who called us “the cutest triplets” he’s ever seen. I’m sure he was intoxicated and called us triplets because we are all Chinese. Es S thought he called us strippers instead of triplets and was appalled that M and I were not offended. I think even if he called us strippers, I would have just ignored him because we were clearly not dressed like strippers, not even near.

So that’s it for this post. I have non-stop midterms this whole month until Remembrance day long weekend. I hope you all have a good weekend and thanks for reading!



Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers! I hope you had a gluttony filled weekend spent with friends and family. Unfortunately, this year I didn’t cook Thanksgiving dinner because of time conflict with studying. Even though I didn’t cook anything this year, I still celebrated it with family. Compared to other years, this was a low-key, non-traditional dinner.

Here are some pictures….

{The food included turkey, pizza and sushi}

{Closeup of the turkey}

{closeup of the sushi}

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Hot and Cold

Hello readers! Now that it’s October, the cooler weather calls for hearty comfort food and hot beverages. The start of October also means the dreaded miderterm season for many students like myself. I don’t have much else to talk about, so here are pictures of food!:

{Red Velvet hot chocolate}

Red velvet hot chocolate, perfect for the cool fall weather. I enjoyed this indulgent beverage after class and it was much needed as classes were quite dull that day.

{Matcha soft serve}

Most people wouldn’t think about eating ice-cream in cooler temperatures, but I eat it year round. Even though it was raining and windy that day, S.A.W and I still enjoyed a creamy and delicious matcha soft serve.

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So I guess that’s it for this short post. I hope you all enjoy your weekends!

Fall Skincare

Now that it’s fall, my skin has been quite dry lately. I’ve also been suffering from some bad hormonal acne lately which has left my face with unwanted scars. Since I was running out of face products, I decided to restock on products and try some new ones as well

{Left to right: Clinique dramatically difference moisturizing gel, Clinique all about eyes eye cream & Lancome DreamTone serum}

  • Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel: This is my all time favourite gel because it works well with my oily skin. It moisturizes without making my face fell oilier
  • Clinique all about eyes eye cream: I have horrible eye bags and I’ve been told numerous times I look really tired even though I’ve gotten enough sleep. My under eye area was also feeling dry so the lady at the Clinique counter suggested this cream. So far I’m liking it because it’s a nice cream-gel consistency and moisturizes quite well
  • Lancome DreamTone serum: I bought this to replace my old serum, Cliniques even better dark spot corrector, which wasn’t really working despite using it for more than 6 months. Despite the hefty price tag, I decided to get this because it seemed to be a product that target many of my concerns (redness and acne spots). I just started using it so I can’t comment on it yet, but I’m hoping it works because I’ve read good reviews on it.