This and That….

Some random stuff for today:

{One Direction dolls LOL. Will you be purchasing the Zayn one Prince V?}

{Frozen Yogurt with cookie dough, cheesecake pieces and strawberries from Menchies}

{Breakfast I made today: hashbrown with onions, turkey bacon and egg whites. Yum!}

My last exam is tomorrow and I cannot wait until I can have my life back; that is until summer semester starts again. S and I will be going for high tea for the first time, and I must say I am super excited! The only thing I am not excited about is the price; why must high tea’s be so pricey? Definitely not within my student budget LOL.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day + Weekend Randoms

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday. Been spending my weekend working on my criminology paper but here’s what I’ve been up to:

{Been eating these Japanese Cheesecake Es S made. So delicious!}

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Coner 23 Dinner + WTF Moment

I’ve been eating out way too much this past week, I can’t help it because I’m barely home and I haven’t gone grocery shopping, which means there is nothing to cook.

After another studying session, M and I went to Corner 23 for an early dinner. Here is what we got:

I was craving deep fried chicken nuggets, so I ordered it 😛 I like the chicken nuggets at Beefy Beef Noodle better.

M got a kimchi fried rice. This was not bad.

We shared an egg pancake with oyster. This was a fail dish; the pancake itself was doughy and undercooked. The texture was very glutinous and unappealing. On the bright side, there were big pieces of oysters and the sauce was quite nice.

So now to the WTF moment…

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Don’t Be a Chicken!

Yesterday I went to West 4th with M because she wanted to get shoes from Gravity Pope, unfortunately it didn’t work out.

Before we went to Gravity Pope, we went to Joe’s Grill for brunch

I got the waffle combo. It comes with two waffles, two eggs, two bacon, two sausages and fruit. Good thing we went early because it got really busy.

We were a bit early and Gravity Pope wasn’t open yet, so we went into this shop a few doors down

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Ate pumpkin spice cake slice from East Village Bakery


Brunch buffet at some restaurant connected to Holiday Inn on West Broadway ( forgot to take down the name of the place). Waffles, pancake, sausage, tater tots and fresh fruit.

Made chocolate mustache lollipops for Movember.

Now I’m off to do some reading and take notes. Speaking of Movember, any of you guys growing your beards/ mustache out? My father is attempting to, but my mother is not very happy with it LOL.

A Small Break From Studying

I will say Happy Halloween in advanced since I won’t be making a post tomorrow. I usually don’t dress up for Halloween, same goes for this year especially since I have a lot of studying to do.

Today I went out with my dad and brother for brunch at ABC Country Restaurant. We had the breakfast buffet, which is available on Sundays and Holidays.

Here’s what I ate:

For my first round I got waffles with strawberry sauce, hashbrowns and some salad.

For my second round, I got waffles with strawberry sauce again ( I love waffles!), salad, rice, sweet and sour meatballs, shepherd’s pie and some fruit.

I also got some bread pudding and carrot cake for dessert, but I forgot to take a picture of those. The food was alright, but I think it was a bit pricey at $17.95 for the selection of food you get. They did have other food such as roasted ham, but I didn’t get any because I’m not a big fan of ham.

After brunch we went to Brentwood mall to buy a treadmill at Sears. The treadmill we bought has some Google Map function which I’m not quite sure how it works, but I will find out soon.

Someone ( I won’t say who) bought this Parissa full body wax. It appears to be targeted towards men, even though it’s not stated on the packaging but its quite obvious haha.

I found the pictures on the side to be quite amusing. Shows pictures of all the body parts you can wax. I’m not quite sure why they have two chest pictures and is the 3rd picture suppose to mean you can wax your thighs? LOL

So I’m back to studying but I keep getting distracted!