This blog has been neglected. I’ve been lacking motivation to do anything, including updating this blog. Truthfully, life has been uneventful lately and I’ve been feeling glum. I can’t wait until finals are over so I can enjoy Christmas (my favourite season!). I don’t have more to say so here are some photos from the past few weeks:

{Cooler Vancouver weather calls for a piping hot bowl of pho}

{Went zip lining for the first time in Whistler. It was so much fun!}

{Ramen from Nanchuu}

{Coconut cream pie & sugar free Thai tea ice-cream from Eagles buffet}

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Adventues in Downtown Bellingham & The Table Restaurant

Last Friday, Es S, M and I took a trip down to the states, specifically Bellingham, to do some grocery shopping. We were wandering around Downtown Bellingham when we became hungry. So we walked around, looking for a place to satisfy our hungry stomachs. There was just one problem though…. me. Most of the establishments situated in Downtown Bellingham were either bars, pubs or breweries and being 20 years old, I was considered a minor, meaning no entry. After going through many places, we finally found a place that I could dine at– It was such a relief.

The place we settled on was The Table by Bellingham Pasta. The service at The Table was excellent and made the dining experience more enjoyable. Since I forgot my camera, here are some crappy iPhone photos:

We started off with an antipasti plate. This was a good start to our dinner.

I ordered the Hunters Roasted ChickenClassic oven roasted herb chicken, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, traditional English tartar sauce. I enjoyed this dish and though the chicken was perfectly cooked. The fact that I was hungry made this dish taste even better.

While walking around Downtown Bellingham, we encountered some odd people. There was one guy who called us “the cutest triplets” he’s ever seen. I’m sure he was intoxicated and called us triplets because we are all Chinese. Es S thought he called us strippers instead of triplets and was appalled that M and I were not offended. I think even if he called us strippers, I would have just ignored him because we were clearly not dressed like strippers, not even near.

So that’s it for this post. I have non-stop midterms this whole month until Remembrance day long weekend. I hope you all have a good weekend and thanks for reading!



Kelowna Bound

It’s official, in September I will be moving to Kelowna to attend The University of British Columbia Okanagan. This past Friday, with my parents in tow, we drove down to Kelowna for the day to attend a campus tour. The drive was about four hours of mountainous views but I slept most of the time.. haha. Anyways.. here’s a photo diary of my day trip to Kelowna (using my new Olympus camera):

We left the house at 7am and our first pit stop was in Chilliwak for gas and breakfast. We had breakfast at Ranchers, which is conveniently connected to the gas station

{I ordered sausage and eggs with my eggs cooked over easy}

{Mountainous view}

{There is still snow on the mountains despite the warmer temperature}

{View of the campus. The campus is surrounded by beautiful scenery}

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Vegas Part 3: Hard Rock Cafe, Cirque Du Soleil and More

On our third day in Vegas, we went to Hard Rock Cafe for breakfast. Unfortunately, the food was cold and wasn’t very satisfying… overall a mediocre experience but breakfast is not their forte, so I wasn’t expecting much:

{Chicken and waffles from Hard Rock Cafe}

{Pancakes, sausage, hashbrown and poached eggs}

{Breakfast Burrito from Hard Rock Cafe}

After breakfast, we walked around the strip and had to make a big detour due to the shooting at the Flamingo that happened the day before.

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Vegas: Part 2

{Picture I snapped on our walk back to our hotel.Vegas is so nice at night}

Day 2 of our short 3 day trip. We ate breakfast at the buffet located in the Aria, photos can befound in this post here. After that we went shopping at the Premium Outlet North

{Premium Outlet North}

For dinner, we went to Wicked Spoon Buffet located inside the Cosmopolitan. This was my favourite buffet of the trip. Great selection of food and desserts.

{Round 1: Snow crab legs, prime rib, salad, ceviche, chicken wings and shepherds pie}

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Vegas: Part 1

During my reading break back in February, my family and Es S went to Vegas for 3 days. Honestly, 3 days was not enough time! We drove from Vancouver to Bellingham and boarded our flight to Las Vegas from the Bellingham airport.  I didn’t take much pictures, but here are some of them from our first day:

We ate at IHOP in Bellingham before we boarded the plane:

{Sausage, egg and hashbrown; red velvet pancakes}

{Arrived in Vegas}

{We stayed at the Monte Carlo}

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Vegas In a Glance

S.A.W mentioned that I haven’t updated in a while… so here I am updating my blog. After a short trip to Vegas, I am back to my daily routine which includes nothing but midterms and papers. WiFi was not free at our hotel in Vegas, so I didn’t have a chance to update my blog. I took some photos on my camera (surprisingly not that many), but I haven’t uploaded them onto my computer yet, so I will post the pictures I took with my phone. Warning, this post is picture heavy!

We stayed at the Monte Carlo and for the price we paid (my dad said under $100 per night) it wasn’t too bad.

{View from our room}

{ I believe this is from the Bellagio}

{Late night snacking with Es S: Fish Mcbites, Cheetos and drinks}

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Writers Block

I’ve been experiencing writers block lately, both for my essay that is due on Thursday and for my blog. I’ve been stressed lately so it seems like everything is getting on my nerves. I like looking at old photos I have taken as a stress reliever, it brings back some good (and not so good) memories. While browsing through my old memory card, I came across these photos:

Waffles from Sweet Iron Waffles in Seattle. These are probably the tastiest waffles I’ve had; freshly made to order and dusted with powdered sugar (or with prosciutto and creme fraiche for the savory waffle). There are some tasty liege waffles in Vancouver, but nothing compares to the freshly made ones at Sweet Iron Waffle.

I hope everyone has a good day and thanks for reading 🙂

Ben and Jerry’s Churro Sundae

When I was in California, I ate churro’s 3 out of the 5 days I was there. I remember when I first went to Disneyland, I believe that was about 12 years ago, I ate a churro not knowing what it was. 12 years late I still recall this memory, so I had to relive my childhood memory and eat a churro from Disneyland.

While I was at Universal Studios, I noticed the Ben and Jerry’s stall selling churro sundaes and convinced my brother to share one with me.

The bottom contains soft served vanilla ice-cream topped with whipped cream, a churro’s, drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with a cherry. I could have done without the chocolate sauce, but it was heaven in my mouth. I wish they had this back in Vancouver, but all I can do is stare at the picture or perhaps make Es S to make me some churro’s LOL.


Home Sweet Home

It feels good to be home and sleeping on my bed and my own room. I had fun in LA, but 5 days was definitely not long enough. I will be back in the future for sure! The weather was great there, it wasn’t as hot as I expected  and surprisingly I was fine with it because I don’t like hot weather. I will upload my pictures soon, but for now, here are the rest of the photos I took with my phone.

{Monday: waiting for my 7:30am flight}

{Inside of Ozumo}

{Macaron Pinot Grigio! I want to try this when I’m legal to drink}

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