New Camera: Olympus E-PL5

Like the title states, I have acquired a new camera! I’ve been thinking about getting a micro four third’s camera for a while now and after much deliberation and waiting, I finally got one. I originally wanted the Olympus OM-D EM5, but the sales associate at Kerrisdale Camera suggested the Olympus EP-L 5, as it was almost identical and much cheaper, so I settled on that. The main reason I got a micro four third’s is for it’s compact size and image quality. Although I enjoy using my DSLR, it’s bulky and at times a hassle to carry around.

I took my new camera out and snapped some food shots at Ikea:

{Meatballs and mash potatoes from Ikea}

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Instagram Week

I leave for LA on Monday, so this week has been spent hastily preparing for the trip. I am also volunteering and covering EAT! Vancouver this weekend, which I am very excited for.  Here are pictures of my week  via Instagram:

{Dads new camera}

{Delicious ome rice from Marulilu}

{Book I spotted at Urban Outfitters that I want}

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Shutter Bug

My dad has been wanting to get a new camera for a while, more specifically a point and shoot since he already has a Canon 20D, so I suggested he redeem his Airmiles points for a new camera. After browsing the selection of camera’s, my dad settled on the Canon Powershot S100. Here are some photos I took:

{Dinner from Mui Garden: beef and brocolli, deep fried pork chop & chicken}

{Yuki begging for food}

{Pretty flower}

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Lusting Over….

I should be studying for exams, but instead I’m constantly thinking about shopping. I don’t understand why I always think about shopping during times of stress, but I’m excited for my last exam on Friday, so I can go…. shopping!

Anyways, my criminology exam is tomorrow, and there’s so many theories to memorize. I thought the amount of theories in psychology was bad, but there’s so many more theories to memorize in criminology!

Here’s a list of items I’m currently lusting over which I’ve compiled on my study break:

{Canon EF-S 17-55mm f2.8 IS USM Lens}

{Marc by Marc Jacboc Katie Turnlock Ring]

{Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats}

{Crochet Toms- I like to walk a lot in the summer and these Toms are comfy and cuter than sneakers}

There’s more to the list, I just can’t remember what they are at the moment 😛

My Week in Photos

Sorry for the late post, fell asleep after I came home from the library haha… so typical of me. Anyways, another boring week but here are some pictures I snapped:

Urban Source peacock display

While walking along Main Street, I walked passed one of my favourite craft stores, Urban Source, and they had this beautiful peacock display made from foil ( I believe).

I’ve been downloading and playing with different editing apps on my phone and here’s some “editing” I did LOL:

Creme Brulee from Max's Deli & Bakery in Oakridge mall

I enjoyed a Creme Brulee from Max’s stall in Oakridge. I used the dessert borders because I thought it was appropriate for this picture 😛

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Current Wishlist

Just some things I want right now and hoping to get in the future 😛

Cuisinart WAF-300C Professional Rotary Waffle Maker

I really want a waffle iron so I can make home made waffles! I’m hoping to get this soon off Amazon since I can’t seem to find it anywhere in stores.

House of Harlow Black Leather Necklace

I like the simplicity of this necklace. I’ve been wanting this necklace for some time now, maybe I’ll get it sometime in the future.

Olympus PEN E-P3 Camera 

Another camera?! The camera I currently own ( Canon rebel t2i) is bulky and can be a hassle to carry around at times, especially if I use it with my 18-200mm lens. The other cameras in my house is a Canon 20D ( which is even bulkier than my t2i) and this crappy 5 megapixel canon power shot digital camera which I got 7 years ago.

I want a micro 4/3 because it has the image quality of a DSLR, minus the bulky body of a DSLR. I’m hoping to get this before I go to LA in the summer but the $900 price tag is the only downside.

Steve Madden Melter Flats/ Loafers

I want a pair of loafers and I quite like this pair by Steve Madden. I like how the contrasting gold studs gives the loafers more of an edge.

So that is my wishlist as of now. What’s on your wishlist?