Dreaming of Macaron

Sorry for the lack of posts,this past week has been stressful; I just finished a midterm yesterday and have another one tomorrow. All this stress has made me crave macarons! I told myself I would get some this weekend but I had a dream this morning (because I slept at 2am) and It was about macarons… I knew I had to get some.

I got these Chocolate, hazelnut and pistachio flavour macarons from St.Germain bakery in Oakridge. These weren’t that good, they were overly sweet and stale (according to Prince V). Guess I’ll get some from another place 🙂

Weekend Musing

My sociology teacher showed this video to our class on Friday and I thought I would share it with you

Pretty sad that our society has come to this, but I guess it is reality. The teacher made our whole class write out the pro’s and con’s of being a female (if you are a female) and the pro’s and con’s of being a male (if you are a male), and one female wrote the pro of being a female is getting free stuff. I guess her comment is not entirely true, because from the video it seems like sexy females get free stuff. So what are your thoughts on this?

My Week in Phone Pictures

This week has been quite stressful, with 2 midterms next week, I’ve been frantically studying. Sadly, I will not to going to Dine Out Vancouver this year because it just so happens to fall during midterm season 😦

I’ve also started uploading my photo’s on Flickr and posting them here because I’ve run out of uploading space on my blog. When I delete the pictures, they don’t appear on the post, a reason why in some of my old post the pictures aren’t showing.

Stressful week means a week eating my favourite foods. Here are some food picture from my phone from this past week:

More Yogen Fruz! This time I went for original non fat w/ strawberries

Eating my favourite spicy salmon combo from Sushi Nanaimo. I forgot to take a picture before I started eating, hence the missing cucumber roll 😛

Mocha Macaron from Footo delights in downtown.

Frozen takoyaki from T&T supermarket. I added my own sauce, mayo and bonito flakes.

Pulled pork sandwich on whole wheat bun & baked potatoe wedges that I made for lunch today. More like assembled because I didn’t actually make the pulled pork, my mom brought it back from her work place.

On the plus side, I got a good amount of money from Chinese New Years which I won’t be spending anytime soon because I don’t enjoy shopping when I have midterms coming up, I find it too distracting.


S and I went to Suika for lunch after reading numerous reviews about it. I was dying to try their matcha brulee and finally found the opportunity to. When we arrived at around 12pm, there were quite a few tables occupied, but when we left, it was packed. The lunch menu is not as exciting as their dinner menu, so I plan on returning to try that!

The beer bottle chandelier is so creative and pretty:

We started our meal with a complimentary salad. This had a tasty vinaigrette and both S and I enjoyed it.

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Fresh Bowl

Here is a quick post about Fresh Bowl with crappy phone photos. I went here a while back with M because I had a groupon for it. Here is what we got:

We started off both with an order of roti canai. This was very flaky, it reminded us of the outside of a samosa.

Next we had the mee goreng with chicken. I didn’t really like this, I found it to be too salty for my liking.

Lastly we had the Penang red curry with chicken. This was alright, the chicken was a tad dry but I enjoyed this.

Overall, I don’t think I will return just because I don’t find the price is worth the quality you get.

Weekend Recap

A little recap of my week:


Matcha Creme Brulee from Suika

Chocolat Veloute Cake and Macarons from Ganache Patisserie

I finally found a place that sell my favourite Banana Slim snacks!

And lastly, my keyboard cover finally arrived in the mail:

I Love Frozen Yogurt!

I know it’s winter and the temperatures are hitting below 0 degrees Celsius, but I still constantly crave for a cup of ice cold frozen yogurt. Do you think that’s weird? I know S likes to eat ice cream in the winter too, so it’s not only me 😛 My favourite flavour of frozen is original,especially from Pinkberry, I love the tartness of it.

The other day I got some original non fat frozen yogurt with mochi from Yogen Fruz. I was not aware that they had original flavour, but I’m glad they do because I quite like it. The mochi on the other hand was a disappointment, I ended up not eating most of it.

My other favourite place to get frozen yogurt is Qoola

I enjoy how you are able to get as little or as much yogurt you desire and how you get to choose your own toppings. I was ecstatic when they finally carried cheesecake! I don’t like Qoola’s original flavoured yogurt as much because I find it not as tart compared to Pinkberry or Yogen Fruz.

The main reason I love frozen yogurt is because I love the tartness and how refreshing it is! I remember once this person was complaining how the frozen yogurt tasted like yogurt…. I was thinking ” uh, it’s called frozen YOGURT for a reason” LOL.

I Hate Mondays

I dread going back to school on Mondays mainly because I have to stay at school for so long. Today was no exception and I was exhausted from lack of sleep and boring classes.

Anyways, I wanted to share this workout video with you guys:

What’s great about this workout is that you don’t need any equipment or a lot of space. So now there’s no excuse for not working out because of space restrictions or low ceilings. I’ve been doing this workout and it works quite well!

And here’s my lunch from yesterday:

Lemon grass chicken and spring roll over vermicelli from Song Huong.

So that’s it for now. I’ve been hibernating in my house because I have a lot of school work and also because I’m trying to save money. There goes any hope of a social life LOL.

First Snow Day of 2012!

It finally snowed in Vancouver! Vancouver barely snows because it rains most of the time, it only snowed once in 2011 and that melted the next day LOL.

View of the snow from my front yard. I just realized I’ve never driven in snow. For the 2 years I’ve been driving, it never snowed so I never had to drive in snowy conditions.

Today is also my brother’s RKO birthday. Guess how he is celebrating it? By going to watch WWE wrestling of course LOL.

Today my dad needed me to do some work around his workshop so that’s what I did today. I started my morning off with this:

Early Grey Tea Latte from Starbucks, cinnamon straw and mini croissant from IGA marketplace.

For lunch we had some pho, great on a snowy day like this:

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