GyuDon Ya

Es S and I originally intended on going to Ebi Ten, but decided to try GyuDonYa instead since we haven’t tried their food before.

The interior is very small and seating is tight, especially when it get’s busy. I saw many people getting takeout, so that might be a better option if you are cluster-phobic.

They have an assortment of rice bowls ranging from beef to vegetable and ramen that are all reasonably price under $10. They also have side dishes to accompany your meal, but we didn’t try any of those.

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Sick :(

Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting anything lately, I’ve been busy studying and now I’m sick 😦

I went to Fujiya to get some lunch today:

Decided to try the Japanese curry which consists of sweet Japanese curry, potatoes, carrots and chunks of beef. Not bad for $4.95!

These cream caramel puddings are my favourite! I saw that they had a new flavour, Royal Milk Tea flavour so I got that along with a Matcha flavour.

Saturday after a studying, I was craving macarons…

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Another Boring Week

Life has been boring lately, filled with nothing but midterms week after week. I went to the Home and Garden Show yesterday with my dad after dinner at Yutaka.

Spicy salmon sashimi with chips.

I didn’t take many pictures at the Home and Garden show but here’s a few:

The show was held at BC Place Stadium, the exterior lighting is so colourful.

This women was painting this beautiful detailed painting.

Had a sample of a whiskey lime cupcake from Mancakes. I actually asked for the buffalo wing flavour, but an old man took it lol… so I got what he originally wanted.

Earlier this week I decided to make something

I made mini nwhite chocolate cheesecake. They turned out pretty good, considering I’m not a big fan of baking 😀




States Purchases

Here are the things I purchased last Thursday after my trip down the border. I went to Lynwood Washington to go Nordstrom Rack, Alderwood Mall and Target. These 3 are my favourite places to go when my family makes a trip down there.

I mostly bought accesories and makeup, didn’t end up with too many clothes like I usually do. I apologize for the bad lighting in the photos, like I said before my house has horrible lighting and I’m not that good with the camera. I’ll start off with the clothing:

A crochet kimono sweater from Urban Outfitters. This was on sale for $29.99 and they were having an additional 20% off so this ended up to be $22 something. I plan on wearing this in the summer with a dress.

A Lush Peter Pan collar shirt with lace back (19.99) from Nordstrom Racks

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Lunch at Argo Cafe + Randoms

Here’s a quick post before I head off to do my midterm tonight.

Es S and I were originally going to go Denny’s for their 99 cent grand slam… but of course everyone else wants one and the line up was out the door! So we made a change of plans and decided on Argo Cafe instead, which was featured on Food Netoworks ” You Gotta Eat Here”.

We both went for their lunch specials which includes soup

(left) Lentil soup and (right) Moe Qua (Chinese Melon). The Moe Qua soup didn’t really  have any moe qua taste, tasted more like chicken soup.

I ordered the Argo Plate with Mash Potatoes, Veggies, Bacon wrapped Pork Tenderloin, Roasted Leg of Lamb& Flat Iron Steak ($11.50). The meats were cooked perfectly and the sauce was very good. The veggies were crisp and the mash potatoes were very creamy, overall I enjoyed this.

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Sunday Randoms: Online Purchases & Dinner

The wi-fi in my house has been having some problems lately, which is really annoying. We got a new router because the old one wasn’t working really well, but the new one seems to be worst.

I went to the States on Thursday with my family, I will make a post on what I bought maybe tomorrow or Wednesday since I have a midterm on Tuesday. In the meantime, here are some items I ordered online:

Faded Western chambray shirt from American Eagle.They were offering free shipping and 25% off for the long weekend.

Rhoades ankle boot from Aldo. They were having additional 50% off sale price of boots.

Also got a pair of Almos booties from Aldo. I have these in the colour “rust”, but I really like the style of these and they are really comfortable.

Here is my dinner for tonight:

Seafood fried rice (Portuguese style) from i-cafe. Surprisingly this was pretty good!

Chef Hung Tawainese Beef Noodle

I like to go to West Vancouver on my dad’s day off because a) it takes too long to bus there b) I don’t really know how to drive there. My dad wanted to try Chef Hung because he heard an ad on the radio so we made our way there.

They have many locations around the world which include Canada, US, China and Taiwan. The West Vancouver location is the newest addition to Canada.

Chef Hung himself has won numerous awards for his noodles and they had displays of their award winning dishes in the waiting area. The place was packed when we arrived, luckily a table just left so we got a seat fairly quickly.

We ordered 2 of their “champion” dishes and a drink.

My dad ordered the Champion Braised Beef with Noodle in Tomato Soup ($10.95). There was an option for thin or flat noodles, my dad went for the latter and a choice of spicy or non spicy, again my dad went for the latter. The dish was served with 4 pieces of tender beef and a bak choy. The soup had a light tomatoe flavour which was flavourful yet not overwhelming. I enjoyed this dish more than the dish I ordered.

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New Waffle Iron

I mentioned in my previous wishlist post that I wanted a waffle iron, so my dad ordered one for me off Amazon 🙂

It finally came yesterday and I’ve been making waffles for the family.

I got the this Cuisinart waffle iron off Amazon and I’m loving it so far. I like the rotating function on the iron.

A Whole wheat waffle I made today. It turned out pretty good, but wasn’t as crispy because I substituted oil with apple sauce.

I love making my own waffles because I can control the amount of sugar and other ingredients I put and I can also experiment with different flavours.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! I spent my valentines day watching The Vow and eating Indian food with Es S LOL. Watching The Vow on Valentines day= theater filled with couples.

Yesterday I met up with S and Bill Gate’s daughter to catch up on life.

Before S and I met up with Bill Gate’s daughter, we went to Soirette Macaron and Tea

I got myself 2 macarons and a vanilla cream latte.

S and my macarons: Rose, strawberry champagne, maple and black rose flavour.

After waiting for an hour, we finally met up with Bill Gate’s daughter. Bill Gate’s daughter said she was “almost there” but we waited at least 30 minutes after she said that!

Anyways, we met up at Bel Cafe for a late lunch and desserts

I ordered a pulled chicken sandwich and it was pretty good.

I will be making full post on Soirette and Bel Cafe soon!

Yuki’s Birthday Celebration

Today my cousin’s family threw a small dinner for their dog Yuki’s birthday. Her birthday is actually on Valentine’s day but we celebrated it today, she turns 3 this year 😀

I got her some treats from Three Dog Bakery  located in Point Grey on West 10th Ave. Got her a few Pugs in a blanket, heart bisquits, dog house bisquit and a dog cupcake. Everything is dog friendly, even the “chocolate”.

Here’s some pictures from the dinner:

They got a mango mousse cake from St. Germain but Yuki can’t eat it so she ate the cupcake instead. The cake was good, even though I’m not a big fan of mango. The picture on the bottom left is of Yuki begging for food, her favourite thing to do 😛

So that was my Sunday. Some of you might think it’s ridiculous to throw a party for a dog, but it’s more of a family get together haha. I’m obsessed with dogs, but sadly my parents will not allow one in our house so Yuki is the closest thing 🙂