Street Food City 2 Food Truck Festival

I was actually unaware this was going on until I heard it on the radio yesterday while getting ready to go downtown with Cn5. Since we were already going to downtown, Cn5 happily agreed to go with me to check out some food carts. Tomorrow (January 27th) is the last day of the festival, so if you want to check it out, there is more info here.

When we arrived around 12pm, it was quite busy. It was hard to choose which food cart we wanted to try, but we finally settled on 2 to try.

Some food trucks include Yolk’s, The Juice Truck, Guanaco, Re Up, Feastro, Mom’s grilled cheese, Holy Perogy

Cn5 decided to get something from The Kaboom Box and got her food relatively fast because the line was short there.

Cn5 got the oyster po boy and upgraded her fries to a poutine. She said some parts of the sandwich was dry but she enjoyed the coleslaw in the sandwich. I tried some of the poutine, which is made with mushroom gravy, and it was decent.

I decided to try Yolk’s because a particular item on their menu enticed me. The line was quite long for Yolk’s and I think after waiting in line to order and waiting for my food, it took about 20 minutes.

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Long Week & Moii Cafe

What a long and stressful week this week had been. With midterms and tests coming up next week, I’ve been sleep deprived lately. Biology has been frustrating, especially genetics. I sought help from a tutor at school and she was surprised that we were learning second year genetics in a first year biology course for non-science majors. Sciences has never been my forte, hence my decision to go into Arts.

Anyways…. enough about my biology woes. Yesterday after class, I decided to try out this cute little cafe situated on Cambie, just a few steps from La Taqueria. I was originally going to go to my go-to place, Marulilu Cafe, but I decided to try Moii Cafe to change things up a bit.

Moii Cafe has an assortment  regular coffee shop drinks such as lattes and what not, but in addition, they also have bubble tea (fresh fruit and milk tea) and sweet and savoury crepes.

The interior is eclectic, but it felt really homey to me, especially with the vintage chairs

I ordered a white chocolate crepe & lavender milk tea because I was in the mood for a sweet crepe. The lavender milk tea was refreshing with a subtle hint of lavender. As for the white chocolate crepe, unfortunately the crepe itself was a little too browned (probably from the batter being spread out too thin) and became crunchy in some parts. For my personal preference, I like my crepes a bit chewier. I will be back to try their savory crepes and other bubble tea drinks.

I wish I had brought my camera to take nicer pictures, but I rarely bring my camera to school because I get paranoid about people stealing my things and bringing a laptop and camera to school is not very practical for me.

So that was the only highlight of my week… how sad. I hope everyone has a good weekend and thanks for reading!

Food and Shoes

I don’t have much to say, so I’ll just share some pictures from my past week:

{Presents S.A.W brought me back from Hong Kong}

{Loafers from Forever 21 that I have yet to wear}

{Can’t wait to use this red velvet pancake/waffle mix!}

{Visited the newly opened Chipotles and tried a chicken burrito bowl}

Image taken from the website

{My order from Shoemint also arrived, I ordered the Francoise booties}

Cold Weather

The weather in Vancouver has been quite chilly lately, perfect for a nice bowl of soup. I’ve been so swamped with school that I haven’t done much or gone anywhere. I did however, meet up with S.A.W to eat some ramen at Ramen Jinya because my Groupon was expiring soon

{Pictured above is spicy chicken ramen, chicken karrage and gyozas}

Last Sunday, my dad, brother, Es s and I went to Richmond for a bit.

We ate Korean food at Kyun Bok Palace in Landsdown mall and I ordered my go-to Korean dish: Bi Bim Bap, but I got chicken instead of beef.

I also got a pudding milk tea with mini pearls from Fair Bee Bubble Tea.

Thanks for reading despite my lack of posts!

Whet: Kitchen. Bar. Patio

One of my blogging resolutions for 2013 is to post all the restaurant reviews I have backed up on my computer from last year. With my resolution aside, last summer, my dad and I biked from False Creek to Granville Island and it was very relaxing. As we arrived at Granville Island, we were feeling hungry so we decided to try out Whet because it has been on our “to try” list of restaurants in Granville Island.

We arrived during brunch and decided to sit on the patio, the view was nice although I didn’t take any pictures of it. Here is what we got:

I started off with the tomato saffron seafood chowderpotato, bacon, fresh seafood, fresh herbs, creme fraiche ($6). The portion was bigger than I had anticipated and it was filled with a good amount of fresh seafood. The bacon added a salty flavour to the chowder but unlike the name, I didn’t detect much tomato or saffron in the chowder. Overall I enjoyed the chowder.

My dad ordered the bacon cheddar omelette alderwood smoked bacon, aged white cheddar, mushrooms, shallots, red jacket hashbrowns and fresh fruit ($14). I only took a bite of his potatoes and they were nicely seasoned and as for the omelette, my dad said he enjoyed it. From the appearance of the omelette, it looked nicely cooked.

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This and That: Phone Pictures

A new semester has begun and I am already swamped with a big load of readings, hence the lack of updates. Haven’t been doing much because I’m trying to save some money. Here are some pictures from my phone of my 2013 so far…

{Salted caramel creme brulee cheesecake from New Years, it sounded better than it tasted}

{New Kate Spade bag}

{Last breakfast at Honolulu Cafe before it closes}

{Pink van I saw at Superstore parking lot.. haha}

Thanks for reading!

Browns Social House (Kitsilano)

Quite some time ago, I purchased a Groupon for Browns Social House because I was curious about their food. To be truthful, I am not a big fan of chain restaurants because they are quite expensive for a student like myself. My dining companion this time around was Es S and here is what we ordered:

We started off with hot wings served with a creamy dip. Es S found these to be too sour and they were mild in terms of spiciness.

Es S ordered the ultimate chicken club burger ($ 15.45) – onion ring, bacon, havarti, bbq sauce. Es S said this was a tasty burger.

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